Welcome to Freedom Society !

Our non-profit organisation is dedicated to social progress through personal development education, spiritual education, economic development and in strengthening the pillars of peace and security for the individual, family, society ,nation and world.


We are an ideological organisation not a religious one. We offer a view of life here-in referred to as the Headwing thought, based on philosophical and scientific reasoning.The headwing thought is centered on God, therefore as you go through the pages of our website, you will find some God centred expressions and reference to some general God centred principles


Many people support or have an experience of working for a charity or non-profit organisation and if you are one of them then you have most likely already experienced how much difference you can make in the lives of others through a voluntary organisation? The following pages present detailed information about our vision and  activities.

Our overall strategy is to create a good society by encouraging and helping individuals understand and take personal responsibility for the well being and development of the individual, family,nation and world. The change in the individual may be called a spiritual change and this is naturally expressed in the political and social life of the family,society, nation and world.


We want to inspire individuals to commit themselves to basic principles, the individuals can then apply their ideas, talents and creativity to translate principles into social and political programmes. A strong democracy is based on a morally strong and healthy society and this can only exist when each individual has a healthy relationship with God.


Take a look at our website and learn more about us and our activities. If you're happy with our work and would like to become a member or support us actively or in kind, please do not hesitate to contact us, you are always welcome.

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Freedom is God`s Gift to Man